There have already been a lot of posts written about the book Captivating, so you can add this to the list. But I’ll try to go above and beyond the content of the book to explain what it’s taught/teaching me. The thing is, I’m only a chapter into the book and it’s already changing how I view my relationship with Christ. Talk about epic!

The book talks about the heart of a woman: how she wants to be pursued and admired for her strengths and passions. She is strong and independent, but her soul was designed to want someone (a man) to fight for her, someone who has strengths that complement hers. The book briefly goes into how a man is designed, and how men and women are designed to be perfect companions. Sounds a little gushy, doesn’t it? But it’s not nearly as sappy as it sounds.

I want to be married eventually, and I want kids. I want the whole stinkin’ American dream with the white picket fence and Mini Cooper in the driveway. But at the moment, I don’t want any of that. I’m happy. The book touches on a very important part that’s often left out of modern-day Christianity: Christ is the groom of the church. I feel that women have the potential to have a unique relationship with Christ. As women, we have the capacity to love the Savior of the world in an emotionally intimate and loving way… the same way that we longed to be loved by an earthly man.

As I put down the book after reading the first chapter last night, my mind began to spin. I began thinking about how much my relationship with God has grown over the past few months. I can’t explain the details of how or why it’s grow, but it has. As I grow in my daily (more like moment-by-moment) walk with Him, I’m getting to know Him better and better. I’m delighting in His features… His personality quirks… His sense of humor. And in return, I can feel Him smiling in my direction. Sometimes it’s when I’m being a total dork or say something stupid, and sometimes it’s when I’ve done something that really makes Him proud. There have been so many quiet moments between Him and I where He catches my eye or ear in a room full of people. I’m surrounded, yet He’s the only one I can focus on. I’m captivated. It reminds me of one of those movies where the girl walks into a room, she makes eye contact with the guy, and everything else fades away. Nothing else matters. That’s kind of what it feels like. I’ve never been in a sincere, mature, adult dating relationship (I look forward to it!), but I think I’m learning what that’s going to feel like.

I’ve often thought “If I can’t have a sincere, loving relationship with the God of the universe, who is perfect, loving, patience, and doesn’t leave the toilet seat up, how can I have a true relationship with an imperfect man?!?” Well, maybe God is teaching me a few things………….

I’ll keep you updated.

</ food for thought >